Break free from blade waste

Break free from blade waste

Waste is a frustrating but everyday reality on most jobsites. This can be especially true of half-used saw blades.

Reciprocating saws and the surfaces they cut into can be tough on blades, which can lead to premature disposal when part of the blade’s surface is still good. DeWalt recently launched a new and innovative product that addresses this issue. BREAKAWAY™ Reciprocating Saw Blades are engineered with a unique feature that allows the user to remove the used section of the blade and then reinsert the unused section back into the saw. It’s like getting two blades in one.

Understandably, contractors might be concerned about the strength of the blade with such a system. Rest assured, Breakaway blades are designed to last. They have a 20 per cent thicker kerf (.042 inches) than DeWalt’s standard metal reciprocating saw blades and an optimized tooth design, which features a 14/18 variable tooth pattern. This allows the blades to cut through a wide variety of metals.

To further ensure quality, DeWalt manufactures the blades in the United States in their Shelbyville, Ky., plant. There they do the milling and teeth setting, stamping, painting and printing, testing, as well as packaging and shipping.

So the next time you throw away a reciprocating saw blade, consider Breakaway blades. You may find they last up to twice as long, keeping you working longer with less waste.

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