Make client safety a priority

Make client safety a priority

Clients are always eager to see the progress of their home. However, when they come onto the jobsite, it is crucial to keep them safe throughout the visit. Implement the following steps to ensure the welfare of homeowners on the jobsite.

Plan homeowner visits

It is always an exciting time for homeowners as you build their dream home, but be sure to ask them to let you know in advance when they will be stopping by. This gives you the opportunity to put in additional safety measures and have the necessary safety equipment on hand. To enforce a planned visitation rule, an advanced notice clause can be written into the contract that stipulates the amount of time that you and your crew need to prepare for a homeowner’s visit.

Make potential hazards clear

Homeowners can get caught up in all the excitement and forget that they are on a jobsite. Before moving through the construction zone, spell out the potential hazards. Risks could include exposed wires, falling tools or unstable floorboards. Throughout the visit, don’t be shy to continually remind homeowners about dangerous areas that could cause harm.

Wear proper safety gear

Just like your staff, homeowners should be wearing the proper protective gear. It is wise to establish ground rules about what must be worn when your clients come on site. Necessary safety gear could include close-toed shoes, hardhats, safety goggles and gloves.

Assign a guide

Before homeowners come for a visit, make sure you have the time to tour them around the home. Being present throughout the tour will help to mitigate risk by ensuring that the proper safety protocols have been followed, also allowing you to point out any dangers. As an added bonus, leading the homeowners through the jobsite can give them the opportunity to ask questions while you demonstrate that their home is important to you.

Lock up the site

Once the workday is over, lock up the worksite to the best of your ability, as well as any tools that could be harmful. Make sure to hang signs that clearly state the hazards present on and around the site. While signs and locks won’t keep the most curious trespassers away, it can help to release you from liability if someone were to get injured after hours.

It can be difficult to keep clients’ enthusiasm at bay, but it is important to keep their safety your number one priority. Accidents happen, but putting the necessary safety steps in place can protect the well-being of your clients.   

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