Say goodbye to moisture and air intrusions

Say goodbye to moisture and air intrusions

Many builders, contractors and homeowners are looking for high-performance solutions designed to enhance building comfort, while enabling occupants to live in balance with their natural surroundings. In other words, they want to create durable, energy-efficient structures. Water-resistive air barriers play a critical role in the performance of the building envelope and can help reduce energy costs as well as prevent water and mould damage.

The risks of moisture intrusion and reduced thermal performance are greatest in areas such as penetrations, transitions between construction materials and connections around window and door flashings. It is important to choose an air- and water-barrier solution that can effectively manage these critical areas of concern. Henry® Blueskin® VP100 – along with its complementary system of flashings, sealants and accessories – is helping builders and contractors manage these challenges with confidence.

Blueskin VP100 is a self-adhered water-resistive air barrier membrane that fully adheres to sheathing. With watertight laps and self-sealing technology, it eliminates air and moisture gaps around nails and other fasteners. Blueskin VP100 can be combined with a Henry sealant to effectively seal around reverse laps and penetrations, such as pipes, duct work, electrical and other extrusions. This contributes to energy efficiency, providing savings in heating, ventilation and air conditioning costs. Blueskin VP100 has been awarded a “Declare” label by the Living Future Institute – the result of a rigorous review of the product supply chain and ingredients. Declare labels provide a transparent platform for identifying where a product comes from, what it is made of and where it goes at the end of its useful life. Blueskin VP100 is certified Red List Free (does not contain chemicals deemed harmful to any living creatures) and can be used with confidence.

From foundation to roof, a proper building envelope system can improve the energy efficiency, livability and sustainability of residential structures for the benefit of the homeowner and the environment. With a complete offering of compatible membranes, flashings, sealants and accessories, Henry Building Envelope Systems® deliver the durability and performance that builders, contractors and homeowners expect today.

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