Build a Home with Co-op: The Roxboro Plan

Build a Home with Co-op: The Roxboro Plan

Building your own home is an exciting venture. Your home’s aesthetic and functionality will be your decision for as long as you live there.

When it comes to design, the options are endless, so having a jumping-off point to kick-start your dream home can be very helpful. We recommend starting by looking at Co-op’s Home and Cottage Plans Collection — they’re customizable and have innovative features, like walk-through pantries. The standard 2-D drawings are easy to read. However, interested customers may request 3-D drawings to better help visualize their future home. The 3-D drawings are not offered standard and there is a cost to access those renderings.

Currently, there are 47 Co-op Home and Cottage Plans available — with 27 plans for homes and multi-dwellings ranging from 1,000 square feet to more than 3,000 square feet, 11 cottages, and nine garages and sheds. And, more are coming.

Previously, Jeremy spoke on the ease of customizing Co-op’s Home and Cottage Plans. Jeremy and his wife met with CADVantage Design, a group of architectural technologists who specialize in building design and drafting. CADVantage Design and Co-op have a long-standing partnership dedicated to making home-building as easy and effortless for the customer as possible. They provide traditional, modern and contemporary layout plans for our Home and Cottage Plans. The best part, however, is that customers can make adjustments to the plans to best suit their preferences.

Jeremy and his wife customized the Roxboro Plan to fit their specific needs. Simple things like the placement of windows or adding cantilevers to make their living space a little bigger can have a massive impact on the final product.

In regards to the finished home, what are you really excited about?

JH: “One of the things that really popped to us from this particular plan is the walk-through pantry. There's an entrance off the garage. You come in on one end of the pantry through the garage door and you can literally just drop your groceries right there as you walk through to the kitchen. There are a couple different ways to get through the house, but the walk-through pantry really caught our attention."

“Now we’re not having to hold groceries all the way through the house.”

The walk-through pantry is part of the base of the Roxboro Plan, it’s not something you see in many other plans.

JH: “It wasn’t something we thought we wanted until we saw it. In the Roxboro Plan, there’s also a massive walk-in master bedroom with his and hers closets. So, we’ll each get our own big walk-in closet. And, there’s a large ensuite bathroom as well.”

“We made one adjustment on the fly — we pushed out a wall. At the time, it cost us a bit extra but it was the right decision.”

It’s better to make the changes in the planning, drafting, or even construction stages rather than after your home is built.

Working together with clients and contractors, great things can happen. Homes are built, new neighbours are introduced and communities are created. Co-op is committed to making the process of customizing and building your home as easy as possible.

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