Dawson Creek Co-op refreshes outdoor rink

Dawson Creek Co-op refreshes outdoor rink

Whether it is a game of shinny in the winter or enjoying the sun and playing sports with your family in the summer, the outdoor rink in Pouce Coupe, a community of 800 people in British Columbia’s Peace River District, is a favoured place for locals to have fun.

Unfortunately, with the effects of time and weather, the outdoor rink’s paint was fading and wearing out, making it not only look unpleasant but also a safety hazard with the potential for splinters, scrapes and cuts.

To renew the rink, Dawson Creek Co-op stepped up and donated 29 gallons worth of paint as part of Co-op’s Communities in Full Colour Program. It’s part of a relationship between Co-op and the community. Co-op participates in many activities offered by Pouce Coupe and wanted to give back.

“Pouce Coupe does so much for being a small size village without much infrastructure,” said Karyn Holland of the Dawson Creek Co-op Home Centre. “They offer a free facility for people, and we chose to support them in return with free paint. If another opportunity arises in the community, we will absolutely get involved.”

The outdoor rink is available year round and is the host for numerous summer and winter activities. Locals love using the facility for ball hockey, basketball, rollerblading, skateboarding, dog training, hockey, skating and curling. The outdoor rink is also where local events such as the winter jamboree and the annual milk jug curling games take place.

With the outdoor rink being such an important part of the community, the locals of Pouce Coupe and Dawson Creek Co-op couldn’t be happier to continue their activities on a safer and better-looking community facility.

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