Host an epic backyard party

Host an epic backyard party

It’s a hot, sunny afternoon that’s slowly fading into night. Friends and family are gathered in the backyard, the barbecue is fired up and everyone is quietly enjoying themselves. “This is nice, but how can I make it something special?” you ask yourself.

Do not fret! There are plenty of ways to spice up your backyard party and to truly make it a night to remember for both young and old. Consider the following six suggestions for a memorable backyard summer fiesta.

1. Fun and games

To break the ice and get people really interacting with one another, nothing beats a fun and entertaining game that everyone can take part in. Bocce ball and ladderball are two such games quickly finding a following in parks and backyards everywhere. Simple and easy to play, they offer just the right amount of competition for both young and old, while providing partygoers with some leisurely exercise and friendly camaraderie.

2. Cooler refresh

With summer’s heat and all that outdoor exercise, you’re going to need something to keep guests cool. When it comes to beverage holders, take a step into the 21st century. Coolers have come a long way in recent years, with products like the Igloo Party Bar with Liddup. The cooler features LED-integrated lights, an elevated base for easier access, removable drink dividers, a bottle opener and a leak-resistant drain plug. It’s one cooler that’s sure to keep the party going into the wee hours of the night.

3. Light the night

As you head into those late hours, create a warm and inviting ambiance with sophisticated yard lighting. Moonrays, for instance, offers a variety of outdoor LED products – from walkway stake lights to vintage solar string lights – that ensure the festivities remain outside.

4. Fuel the fire

With the need for evening light comes the need for evening warmth. Consider a stainless steel patio heater or fire table that people can gather around to stay warm and toasty. If you really want to go the extra mile, a concrete fire pit from Barkman will help establish a backyard oasis that will last for years. Just don’t forget the marshmallows and hot dogs!

5. Music keeps you moving

What’s a patio party without great music? There are a variety of wireless Bluetooth products on the market that allow you to select the perfect party playlist at the touch of your fingertips. The Secure Bluetooth Lantern/Flashlight, for instance, includes a speaker, LED flashlight/lantern and when fully charged plays music for up to eight hours. It’s just the right item to keep the good vibes rocking all night long.

6. Fireworks finale

Finally, cap off the evening with a bang! Everyone loves a great fireworks show, but just be sure to familiarize yourself with local rules and bylaws on backyard blasting. And above all, read all the safety instructions and watch out for any children nearby.

These are just a few of the many ways to host an epic backyard party that won’t be forgotten any time soon. For more great ideas and products, visit your local Co-op Home Centre today.

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