Kitchen Organization Hacks for Your Pantry

Kitchen Organization Hacks for Your Pantry

The pantry, rivalled only by the junk drawer, doesn’t have to be the most dreaded part of organizing your kitchen. There’s something so appealing about an organized pantry, it can truly make or break your kitchen space.

For those who don’t have a pantry but want one, head into your local Co-op Home Centre to discuss options. Ask our experts how to install a wall pantry, or how to add a sliding barn door to your walk-in pantry. Whether you’re in the process of building your own pantry into your kitchen or trying to organize your existing pantry, these tips and tricks will help beautify your space.

Magazine Holders

Magazine holders might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering your kitchen pantry but prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Canned goods fit perfectly in wire magazine racks, you can stack them beside each other on your pantry shelves, organized by type.

Magazine holders can also be used for your tinfoil, plastic wrap, and sandwich bags. Depending on the height of your shelves, this technique can be used in corner pantries as well as walk-ins and wall pantries.

Chalk Board Paint or a Paint Pen to Label Your Containers

Placing your grains, sugars, and other dry goods into a separate container will help with stacking and organizing. Clear containers are aesthetically pleasing, making your food the focal point of your pantry. Properly labeled items will save you from sorting through cardboard boxes and bins to find what you need. Sealed containers will also stop insects or other unwanted creatures from eating your groceries when you’re not looking.

The next step is to label your containers. You can simply tie a labelled card to them with twine or get a bit more creative with paint. Chalkboard paint and a chalk pen have a rustic effect or a paint pen and your best cursive will work.

For those with little ones learning to print, this can be a fun practice exercise. You may end up with a backwards ‘S’ but we think it adds to the charm.

Mason Jars for Cupcake Liners

Mason jars can also be used for pesky things that have no home like cupcake liners. Loose paper cups can easily get lost in the back of your cupboard.

Rolling Carts for the Floor

With a walk-in pantry, try utilizing your floor space underneath the last shelf with rolling carts. They provide you with essentially another shelving unit. The carts are easy for little ones to roll out and they look tidy.

Lazy Susans

Your pantry might already have them, but if you are designing your kitchen from scratch, don’t forget these organizational champs. They’re especially helpful for a corner pantry with little space but can be used in a walk-in pantry, too.

Counter Space

You can take inspiration from this New York home and install a small counter at waist height inside of your walk-in pantry. The counter space can come in handy when putting things away or taking things out, increasing the usability of your pantry.

For more organizational best-practices, check out these tidy tips for your mud room!

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