Recharging the environment

Recharging the environment

At Co-op, environmental stewardship is always top of mind. In fact, when it comes to protecting the land and waterways from contamination resulting from spent equipment batteries, we are proud to be an industry leader.

“Co-op actively promotes the recycling of automotive battery products through programs like Battery Bucks,” said Cody Smith, Director of Home and Building Solutions, Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). “As one of Western Canada’s largest collectors of used automotive batteries, we work with a partner who safely and responsibly collects spent automotive batteries and uses them to manufacture top-quality, industry-leading products.”

Breaking down battery recycling

For over 30 years, Co-op has partnered with East Penn Canada – the world’s most progressive battery manufacturer when it comes to environmental protection and technologically advanced battery recycling.

“It’s important that we keep automotive batteries out of landfills,” said Cody. “When you return them to Co-op, virtually all components are repurposed – in a process that incorporates sustainable practices – to manufacture new batteries.”

For almost 75 years, East Penn has demonstrated a continual commitment to recycling and environmental protection through its entire battery-production lifecycle. When you return used automotive batteries to your local Co-op, they are sent for safe, environmentally responsible recycling.

Rewards in recycling

Co-op accepts automotive battery returns for recycling year-round. Not only will you be helping the environment and contributing to the responsible use of resources, but recycling can also put a little money back in your pocket through the Battery Bucks Program.

Twice a year – in April and October – the Battery Bucks Program rewards customers with a $12 CO-OP® Gift Card for any automotive battery returned to a Co-op Home and Agro Centre, encouraging you to go through your shop or yard to dig out those used batteries for recycling.

The Program helps create a virtuous cycle between you, Co-op and the battery manufacturer. Together, we’re being good environmental stewards and contributing to the health and sustainability of our communities and the next generation.

Your local Co-op is pleased to offer your community access to a responsible recycling program for spent automotive batteries. Be sure to stop by to learn a bit more about our battery products and the Battery Bucks Program that is coming up in April.

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