SteepRock Beach Park Pops With Colour

SteepRock Beach Park Pops With Colour

Take to the shores of Lake Manitoba and bask in the colourful people, adventures, and now the decor.

In collaboration with the SteepRock Beach Park team, the Communities in Full Colour program continued its outreach this past summer by visiting the lakeside park. Moosehorn Co-op donated cans of paint and enthusiasm to spruce up the park and highlight the wonderful scenery and the enormous amount of fun it provides both visitors and the community.

“One of the reasons why the staff have so much fun with work and each other is all the fun little tasks around the park,” writes Beach Park General Manager Darlene Springer. “Painting is especially one of the best ways our staff have fun together while getting a job done.”

With a little touch of paint, the vibrance of the people has a chance to live out loud and will go miles in celebrating what makes this place unique. “Whoever comes to the park will see that it is a very colourful place with all the other little objects around the campground that have pops of colour in them!” added Springer.

The Communities in Full Colour paint donation program is designed to provide communities and organizations free cans of paint for community improvements. Co-op’s focus on giving back involves preservation, beautifying our surroundings and enhancing areas in need of a bit of TLC.

These are communities and places in which we play. They are where we work and live. It is our goal to improve the well-being and quality of life in these communities. Giving back is at the core of Co-op’s brand and identity. As an organization, we support the causes that matter most to our customers, families and friends.

Paint donation is available to registered charities, registered non-profits, registered community groups, youth sport and recreation associations, and community improvement associations. If your organization or community is interested in being a part of the program, fill out the Application Form on the Co-op Home website.

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