The Flare of Filament

The Flare of Filament

Begin your journey to a modern, industrial interior design with vintage filament bulbs. This new décor trend is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners with its classic feel and warm aesthetic. As seen in upscale restaurants and modern office buildings, exposed filament bulbs will add vintage-era refinement to any room. Consider incorporating the modern flare of filament bulbs into your home with the following creative tips and tricks.

Top interior designers have been seeking out these iconic bulbs to create simple silhouettes of modern design. Recognized for their retro look and timeless filament concept, these bulbs are ideal for any open or transparent light fixture. Aside from their visual charm, functionality is a benefit of filament bulbs. Their lighting gives off less glare and they have a clearer colour-rendering index, meaning they do not taint the colour of their surroundings.

Not limited to the living room and bedroom, vintage filament bulbs will give your kitchen a classic and unique ambiance. Emphasize the beautiful glow of the bulbs by putting them in clusters to create an eye-catching lighting scheme in your dining areas. Hanging the bulbs above counter space or an island will make your kitchen look very modern and organized. This technique will also brighten up kitchen décor with effortless style to create a laid-back, purposeful space that will always look great.

With any room in the home, good lighting is key. Stay on top of the design curve with vintage filament bulbs that will provide stylish and relaxed enjoyment for years to come.

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