What to know for your deck quote

What to know for your deck quote

A deck is a great place to spend warm summer days. Building a new deck, or replacing an old one, is as much about preparation as it is about the execution.

Your local Co-op Home Centre is able to provide a quote for decking materials based on information you provide.

With the required information, professionals like Saskatoon Co-op’s Phil Benson can provide a quote for decking material in just one visit. However, the building consultant said it’s more likely to be at least twice.

“There’s an awful lot to absorb,” he said. “We do a lot of sketching and a lot of back and forth.”

He said the conversation usually starts with rough dimensions and sketches, even on the back of a napkin. Before meeting an estimator, think about the questions Benson regularly asks his customers:

  • What size is the deck?
  • How high off the ground is the deck?
  • Is the deck attached to the house?
  • On what type of foundation will the deck be built?

Benson will also usually ask who’s building the deck and his or her experience. That allows him to frame the conversation to the customer’s knowledge level.

Besides the base structure, there are many decisions for decking – pressure-treated wood (green or brown), natural wood, vinyl and composite – and railing. There are many materials in stock, but some are special orders, which will affect the timelines and cost of your project.

“We ask what they would like first,” Benson said. “Composite can be four to five times the cost of regular wood. Customers decide whether they want to move forward with it or adjust the costs.”

The overall quote provides an itemized list of materials separated by specific applications, from foundation to decking to hardware.

“We’ll go over the deck fairly in depth into why they’re getting the parts they’re getting and what they’re for,” Benson said. “We not only include what they want, but what they may require that they don’t understand or didn’t anticipate needing.”

Co-op can also supply building materials for electrical and plumbing needs that can be incorporated into your deck. But Benson said customers are responsible for going to their municipality to check on building codes and permit requirements for decks.

While there aren’t many questions Benson doesn’t know the answer to, he usually points customers in the right direction when needed.

“We help wherever we can,” he said.

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