The Magic Behind Quartz’s Sparkle

The Magic Behind Quartz’s Sparkle

Nothing says luxury and style like a beautiful quartz countertop. The moment your guests step into your kitchen, jaws are guaranteed to drop.

While the characteristic look of quartz can’t be denied, the premium quality and timeless nature of it really add to the product’s value. Quartz is a natural, non-porous material that is both scratch and stain resistant. And unlike other stone countertop materials on the market – such as granite and marble – quartz is food safe and maintenance free.

When it comes to kitchen countertops, you can’t go wrong with quartz for visual appeal and functionality.


Quartz countertops are manufactured from a combination of crushed quartz, minerals and resin, then combined to create a solid slab. This process allows homeowners to customize the look they want. One can choose from clean and contemporary, bold and colourful, classic or jewel-like. Because of its engineered make-up, colour selection is almost limitless – Cambria’s line offers more than 140 colour options. With this amount of choice, homeowners are able to find a design that is tailor-made to complement cabinets, backsplash, flooring, furniture and other kitchen surroundings.

Even the veining on each slab is entirely unique from one piece to another. Although both are natural products, the veining pattern is created organically in granite, but manufactured in a facility in quartz. The manufacturing process is, in fact, what makes your countertop 100 per cent original.

As a finishing touch, quartz countertop edges are customizable as well. Cambria, for instance, has 19 basic edge profiles that customers can select from. Edges range in design, such as ogee (flowing arches), bullnose (smooth, rounded edge), crescent (soft, curved profile), bevelled (square angles) and many more. Edge selection further affords customers the opportunity to showcase their individual style and taste.

Manufacturing process

Quartz is sourced primarily from the United States, and then shipped to Canada for finishing. A quartz countertop is measured with exact precision so it fits your space like a glove. Templates are developed using manual measurements and electronic touchpoints from a digital measuring device.

Because every slab of quartz is different, a slab smith will place the countertop template on the digital image of a specific slab, ensuring optimal veining and ideal seam connections. Before fabrication begins, customers are provided with the final image for approval.

The quartz is cut in two ways: a wet saw for straight cuts and a water jet for curved edges and cut-outs. Seven different bits are required to create and polish one edge profile. The sections are then hand polished.and inspected for any possible blemishes and errors.

Once the countertops are brought into a home, the perimeters are siliconed to the cabinets and the sink is installed. Faucet holes are also cut into the quartz in your home to ensure exact placement. Ranges and cooktops are placed for a snug fit.

Ensuring a home has a perfect quartz countertop is a technical process. But the payoff is a beautiful product that will last a lifetime filled with many family adventures.

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