Build a Home with Co-op: Contractor Insights

Build a Home with Co-op: Contractor Insights

Building your own home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. When you work alongside trusted contractors and suppliers like Co-op, you’ll have all the support you could need.

Co-op employee Jeremy Hessdorfer can attest to that. We’ve spoken with him on his choice of customizing Co-op’s Roxboro Plan and the ease of working with Co-op. Jeremy mentioned that Montebello Homes, the company who is helping him build his home, has also been great to work with.

Graham Figg, a project manager from Montebello Homes, is the contractor on the Roxboro Home project. We sat down with Graham to get a contractor’s inside view on what it was like to work with the Co-op Home Centre on projects like this.

How is the project progressing?
GF: “The project is going well. The prints were supplied to us from CADvantage, the drawings are easy to follow. CADvantage is a good company, I’ve used them in the past on some projects that they’ve drawn for us personally.”

Jeremy mentioned they wanted to customize the drawings a bit, can you expand on that?
GF: “The owners wanted some changes to the Roxboro plan, so we made the house a little bit bigger. We changed a few items like the master bath and the bedroom. It was an easy process to have changes made. We had no issues working with CADvantage to do that.”

How long have you been working with Co-op?
GF: “For close to 11 years now. We had initially been purchasing things through an employee named Herman, who is now retired. The experience has been really good. When we start a house, I shop at the Co-op lumber yard — it’s the best in pricing overall. We use them because of that, but also for the service.

“For example, the other day we needed about 30 pieces of lumber and they had it to us within six to seven hours from when we called it in in the morning. And that’s pretty good. It just so happened a truck was leaving in our direction and they were able to drop it off.

“They’re pretty customer forward with their services. But we tell our framers not to call them last minute. We tell them to give two days lead time, and we never have any issues.”

How has the Roxboro Project been going?
GF: “It’s been going well because it's a custom build. We can actually bring the project under budget, too — the homeowners have been excellent to work with.”

When you work with contractors like Graham Figg from Montebello Homes and suppliers like Co-op, amazing things can happen. Contractors and clients are happy, family homes are built and communities grow.

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