Changing the Trend in Trades

Changing the Trend in Trades

If the name Kate Campbell rings a bell or she looks familiar to you, it might very well be because she has been featured on several TV programs, showcasing her considerable construction and renovation skills. Kate has been part of the crew for HGTV’s Home to Win, Deck Wars, Holmes Inspection and Holmes on Homes.

Aside from being a TV personality and a master contractor, she is also an advocate for women in the trades. Her passion for this cause started when she was just out of high school. Kate had the opportunity to go to any number of universities but decided she wanted to try something different – a career where she could stay active. Kate decided to take the Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) program, where she developed a passion for the trades.

Wanting to break gender barriers and create similar opportunities for women, Kate has started a foundation with her husband, Dave Coleman, called Build Women Up. It supports programs geared towards women entering the trades and awards scholarships to deserving applicants. Her goal is to use her story and experience to help as many women get into the trades as possible.

Kate is also a brand ambassador for Regal Ideas, one of Canada’s leading railing suppliers. Regal Ideas is proud to have Kate as part of the team. Both Kate and Regal Ideas strive to bring top-quality products to market and promote careers in the trades.

Andrew Pantelides of Regal Ideas said, “Regal Ideas is proud to support and partner with Kate to promote women in the industry. The game has changed and Regal Ideas, along with Kate Campbell, will continue to raise the bar and open up opportunities that have been overlooked for many years.”

Results from the efforts of passionate people like Kate are starting to show. According to Statistics Canada, there has been a 13.5 per cent increase of women in apprenticeship programs between 2013 and 2017.* This equates to an additional 1,500 women in apprenticeships over the course of five years.

Co-op is proud to partner with organizations like Regal Ideas and its brand ambassadors such as Kate.

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*Figures are based on the number of apprenticeship program registrations in skilled trades from Statistics Canada, 2019.

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