Choosing the right garage door

Choosing the right garage door

As a contractor, you know that when working with clients, some of the easiest decisions can be overwhelming. Help ease customers’ stress and keep your project on schedule by understanding the garage door options that are available. When working with a client who is interested in purchasing a garage door, you should consider and discuss the following topics as recommended by Creative Door – Western Canada’s largest supplier of garage doors.


Choosing the right garage door with the right style does wonders for a home’s façade. There are a few major style categories contractors should know to identify and communicate the diverse options available to customers.

Traditional style garage doors appeal to homeowners who prefer more of a clean, classic look. These doors typically feature raised rectangular panels, which the buyer can customize by choosing from a wide variety of panel styles. The traditional style is compatible with many decor types, making it one of the more popular garage door design choices.

Carriage-house garage doors known by some as barn-style garage doors – have a distinctive, rustic look that can stand out and are often the perfect complement to craftsman style or mission style homes, among others.

Contemporary-style garage doors have a modern style that focus on clean lines. Appearances range from flush, solid doors to those with metal and glass construction.

These are just a few of the many styles offered by Creative Door. With such diversity in product offering from Creative Door at your local Co-op Home Centre, your client has the freedom to choose the door that works best with the home while achieving the desired aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

Many people think of their garages as exterior components of their homes. While this may be true in some cases, an attached garage is a potential source of energy loss because of the sheer size of its doorways. Insulated doors can help prevent that heat loss, keeping the contents of the garage and home warmer in the harsh Canadian winters.

Insulation does more than reduce thermal exchange, the thicker core has a soundproofing effect, and the door is less likely to be dented and damaged due to its solid, multi-layer construction. Overall, an insulated garage door is a more durable and cost-effective choice for the long term.


Just as with other exterior finishing products, garage doors can be made with different materials. Style, efficiency, cost and durability all come into play when selecting a door, with each material offering specific qualities, allowing you to help build the homeowner a perfect solution. Here are the four materials you should be familiar with:

Steel – The most widely used material, steel garage doors are a broad category. They are available in all major styles, with a range of differing insulation options, and are designed to fit any budget.

Composite – With the grain patterns and colours of real wood and incomparable durability, faux wood composites are growing in popularity. These doors can be stained and/or painted. Composite offers the same range of insulation options as steel, but are a slightly more premium option.

Aluminum – Used in conjunction with wide glass panels, doors with aluminum construction are suited to modern styles. Solid aluminum and composite panels can also be fit into the frame for privacy, but most homeowners opt for glass to complement the modern aesthetic.

Wood – Authentic wood doors are available in many varieties, including cedar, redwood and meranti. They offer the most flexibility in terms of design and allow for unique personalization. Wood is typically the most expensive to buy and, depending on the climate, they will require regular maintenance.

For more information on garage doors and options, see the experts at your local Co-op Home Centre today.

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