2018 Garage Door Trends

2018 Garage Door Trends

When asked the first thing they look for in a new home, most potential homebuyers reply with curb appeal. In fact, according to industry research, as many as 78 per cent of homebuyers stress the importance of a good façade. So, if you’re looking to update your exterior, here are three garage door trends that can create an eye-catching exterior sure to increase your home’s value.

Wood is back

People everywhere love the timeless look of a wood door. They love it even more when they can get the look of a wood door with the durability of steel. Faux wood doors – such as Steel-Craft’s Elite Series in walnut or the Contemporary Series in cedar – are easy to maintain and come with a natural wood colour look. From a rugged cottage to an upscale Victorian home, wooden garage doors look absolutely stunning on almost any home.

Energy efficiency

With many homes, the garage is one of the primary entrances. It is typically the largest entrance on your home’s exterior as well. Because of this, the garage can be one of the biggest problem areas for heat loss in a home, impacting its energy efficiency. If you live in a three- or four-season climate and your garage is attached to your home, or if there's finished space like a guest room over your garage, an insulated door makes sense. The thickness of this insulation can range from a thin sheet of polystyrene to as much as two inches, with resulting R-values ranging from 5.0 to 18.50. Garage doors with polyurethane insulation will provide the highest level of sound isolation and climate control. Polyurethane also makes a great choice if you live in very cold or hot climates and your garage door is used as the primary entrance to your home.

Windows and natural light

Let the sunshine in! Garage doors with windows are gaining popularity for their chic, modern look. Windows brighten the garage and glisten on your home. While many homeowners choose to include windows at the top of their garage door, window options don’t have to end there. On contemporary and aluminum door designs, windows can be arranged vertically or horizontally. On Steel-Craft’s Esteem Series, windows can be installed on all the panels of the garage door.

Help your clients maximize their curb appeal by advising them of the latest garage door trends. Selecting doors that complement the rest of the home's exterior will elevate its overall appearance, ensuring satisfied clients.

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