How to Windproof Your Outdoor Space

How to Windproof Your Outdoor Space

Windproofing your yard does more than save you from chasing a patio umbrella through your neighbour's yard. Good wind protection can prevent damage to your property – and your neighbour’s – and can save you money on home heating costs.

Making your outdoor space windproof can also make the area more habitable. Your friends and family will enjoy being in a comfortable space for al fresco dinners or backyard parties during windy or colder nights.

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The most important thing to remember when protecting your plants and vegetable patches is to bend with the wind. Screens, wire, netting or mesh windbreaks are all fairly flexible and they let the wind blow through. You can use canes to support tall plants making sure the fasteners are fairly loose.


Strategically adding hedges and trees while you’re landscaping can break up the path of wind to your house. Dense evergreen trees and shrubs work well because of their density and ground-reaching foliage. The bank of trees or shrubs can redirect the wind away from your house, minimizing the effects of wind chill. Planting them alongside your deck or yard’s edge will have the same effect on your outdoor living space.


A sturdy fence will act in the same way as hedges or trees will with the wind. Make sure you install your fence with the proper support posts so it won’t blow over. We love Adrienne Fedorowich’s horizontal method for a unique look.

Windscreens for your patio 

If you can’t or don’t want to commit to an entire fence, consider a windscreen. They also double as deck or patio privacy screens, making your space seem more inviting and intimate.


Large shade umbrellas for your patio often are designed to fit inside of a patio table. The table adds support during windy days, often keeping your umbrella in place. But, if you were looking to have a shade umbrella without the table, you can keep it upright with a weighted base. For an easy DIY solution, create a windproof umbrella stand that doubles as a flower pot.


  • Concrete
  • Shade-loving flowers
  • Large flower pot
  • PVC pipe slightly larger in diameter than your umbrella pole and the same height as your flowerpot
  • Cap for your PVC Pipe
  • Drill


Cap your PVC pipe. Fill your flowerpot a third full of concrete and insert the PVC pipe cap-side-down into the concrete while wet. Let it dry. Drill drainage holes in the flower pot just above the concrete line, then fill the pot with soil and plants.

Insert your umbrella. Your umbrella should be snug enough inside the PVC pipe that it won't be able to move. If it can, consider screwing it into the piping.

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