Which barbeque is right for you?

Which barbeque is right for you?

Whether you’re an occasional backyard cook or a certified grill master, Co-op has the right grill for you. We’ve put together a guide to explain the different types and which barbecue option will best suit your grilling needs.

Backyard BBQ

A four-burner propane grill with a side burner is ideal for people who are interested in the traditional family-sized grill. With a large cooking space, this style of grill can entertain your family, friends and neighbours, all while serving as the perfect complement to your backyard oasis.

Patio BBQ

A two- or three-burner barbeque is a great option for those who want the classic grilling experience, but have limited outdoor space. Perfectly suited for an apartment patio or a smaller deck, patio barbeques can accommodate your grilling needs and limited space without compromising quality.

Portable BBQ

Designed for grillers on the go, a portable barbeque is an option for those who want to enjoy their summer grilling wherever their travels may take them. This style of barbeque is typically less than 30 pounds—much smaller than a traditional grill—making it an easy option to take along when you’re camping, planning a day at the park or bringing back-up to a friend’s yard. The best part? Portable barbeques are less expensive than conventional grills, but they still create the same great barbecue flavours.

Commercial Grills

An eight-burner commercial grill is designed for food service professionals with portability and quality in mind. With a foldable lid that can be used as shelves and a huge cooking space, commercial grills are an ideal choice for your small business or community fundraiser. Speak to your local Co-op about hosting your own fundraiser to support your community.


The not-so-secret ingredient

Whether you already have a barbeque or just picked one up from your local Co-op Home Centre, you’re going to need propane in order to get grilling. Co-op offers propane cylinders and cylinder refills at gas bar locations across Western Canada.

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