Ensure steel roofing and siding meets the mark

Ensure steel roofing and siding meets the mark

Steel roofing and siding has been a staple of agricultural buildings across Canada for decades. But improvements in the number of styles and colours available have also made this category more popular for residential applications.

Many farm homes, acreages and cabins now sport metal roofing instead of traditional cedar shakes or asphalt shingles. However, contractors, as well as their clients, should be aware that not all steel roofing and cladding is created equal. In order to use quality materials that stand the test of time, it’s important to look for suppliers who use the latest certification standards to ensure performance and durability.

The Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI) members consist of the leading suppliers of sheet steel products to the Canadian construction market. One of their objectives is to develop quality standards and guidelines for safe construction practices for buyers, manufacturers and installers of roofing and siding, while also ensuring adherence to Canadian building codes.

Guidelines laid down by the CSSBI ensure that the quality of the steel panels and the paint that covers it meet the demanding requirements of the environment and industry they are used in.

According Vicwest Building Products, the risk of using inferior steel building products from non-CSSBI-certified members increases the risk of product failure. This includes failure of the roof due to heavy snow load or high winds, perforation of the building panels due to corrosion, as well as diminished aesthetics due to significant colour changes and chalking of the paint.

Not only do quality-built steel building materials avoid such product failure, they can also contribute to energy savings, including meeting strict LEED certification criteria. Certain cool roofing steel products with special prefinished coatings, for instance, can conserve energy through their solar reflectivity and emissive properties.

Aside from innovations in energy savings, steel roofing and cladding has also seen significant improvements in long-term colour retention and film integrity, when compared to products of the past. New colours and textures have entered the market with the development of printed patterns that replicate natural finishes like wood, stone or metals. Furthermore, manufacturing innovations have allowed for an increased variety of shapes and aesthetics, providing designers and end-use customers with many options to compliment the appearance of their building.

Co-op Home Centres only supply steel roofing and cladding products from quality, CSSBI-certified, suppliers like Vicwest and Westman Steel, so that you and your clients can rest assured that the best possible materials go into the construction of your building.

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