Fall painting tips

Fall painting tips

As we move into autumn, many contractors begin to wrap up the exterior painting season before temperatures dip. However, there are certain products, like CO-OP® IMAGINE Exterior Paint, which can extend the painting season, and thereby help increase contractor sales for the year.

A reliable choice for exterior painting is Co-op Imagine Exterior Low Temperature Paint, which can be applied – and cures well – in colder weather. This product can be applied at temperatures as low as 2°C, thereby lengthening the fall painting season. It is durable, weather-resistant, dries quickly and comes in a wide range of popular exterior colours.

Another exciting product is Co-op Imagine Premium Hybrid Semi-Gloss Paint. For any contractors looking for a paint that performs like an alkyd paint, look no further. This hybrid interior and exterior paint has the durability of oil paint, but with the low volatile organic compounds and clean-up of water-based paint. It’s also great for trim work, giving that extra bit of durability needed, especially in high-traffic areas, inside or out.

Co-op Imagine paint is exclusively available at your local Co-op Home Centre. There they offer an exciting system to help contractors become colour experts with the Contractor Solutions™ Color Journeys™ cards. The Color Journeys system makes choosing the right paint colours easy in less time. From the core colour cards showcasing exterior and interior colour palettes, to the Six to Mix™ (a tool to find colours that can all work together throughout the job), Color Journeys has plenty of ways to effectively co-ordinate colours quickly and easily for fast completion. The five Contractor Solutions colour cards targeting specific professional criteria are: health-care, multi-family, education, new residential and commercial customers. This concise tool gives you the ability to choose the right colours with confidence and in a quick turnaround time.

See your local Co-op Home Centre today for expert advice on all your autumn painting needs.

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