High-quality anchors for hollow walls

High-quality anchors for hollow walls

Hollow walls can pose a challenge when fastening almost any object to them. To combat this, there are a variety of anchors on the market to assist in properly securing the items you intend to hang.

One of the stronger and more innovative of these is the FlipToggle by Cobra Anchors. It is the only single-strap design that takes the guesswork out of hollow-wall anchoring. Its strong toggling mechanism supplies extra holding power in drywall, plaster or hollow concrete blocks.

One of the key features is its ability to be installed in thicker hollow-wall material – up to three inches thick. The simple and effective tilting mechanism ensures a trouble-free installation every time and is twice as strong as the regular toggle bolt of the same bolt diameter.

The FlipToggle only requires a half-inch hole regardless of diameter, can be used with any bolt length and is available in diameters of 1/4- and 3/16-inch diameters. Once inserted, the spring tab flips the toggle into the right position so that when the collar is tightened the anchor is ready for the bolt. No jammed toggles, broken straps or misaligned bolts.

Features & benefits

  • Installs into all types of hollow walls, up to three inches (75 mm) thick
  • Just requires a half-inch hole
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Simple, one-strap design aligns toggle perfectly for easy bolt insertion
  • Can be used with any bolt length
  • Collar ensures centred bolt placement in hole
  • Does not embed bolt into drywall, eliminating potential for sagging fixtures
  • Superior holding power


  • The FlipToggle installs in four easy steps: fold, insert, flip and tighten


  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Electrical boxes
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Mirrors
  • Wall decorations
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