Hole saws that boost performance and speed

Hole saws that boost performance and speed

Whether you use them daily or only occasionally, hole saws are a huge time saver, especially if the right size for your application is available. Contractors cite convenience, speed and versatility as critically important when it comes to the tool. One of the most popular options for professionals is Diablo’s new, high-performance line of hole saws, which deliver faster cutting performance, along with increased productivity.

When cutting holes through thicker materials, often multiple passes are required as standard hole saws do not have the depth needed. The new hole saws from Diablo provide ultimate cutting length to bore deeper holes in a single pass. Notably, the 60 mm (two and 3/8 inches) cutting depth makes it easy to drill doors and two-by-four wood in a single pass. They are extremely versatile and able to drill through wood, plastic, aluminum and metal.

A great time-saver, and exclusive to Diablo’s line, is the Snap-Lock™ mandrel system for quick and easy hole saw mounting with less down time. Unlike other systems, the one-size-fits-all mandrel works with all Diablo hole saws, saving time since users only need to change the saw, not the mandrel. And the Snap-Lock system can easily be adapted to other brands. The variable tooth design of the saws provides a smoother cut with less vibration. The perma-shield coating reduces heat and friction. Productivity is also increased with tool-free plug ejection for fast material removal.

Best of all, the saws are available in 30 sizes, ranging from 5/8 inches to six inches in diameter. You can ensure you’ll find the right size for your application, whether you’re installing pot lights or running electrical wiring through interior partitions.

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