Insulation boards that go above and beyond

Insulation boards that go above and beyond

Canada’s national and provincial building codes have been changing over the years to adapt to and address various building standards, including energy efficiency, structural protection, safety and the effects of climate change.

As codes and standards change, it is important to constantly find innovative ways to maintain and improve the quality of a building. For Amvic, a premier Canadian manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient building products, this means providing builders with the right materials to achieve that quality.

Building Code 9.36 Energy Efficiency Requirements

In Western Canadian provinces, such as Alberta and Manitoba, builders can use different components to create an assembly that satisfies the total effective thermal resistance (RSI) prescribed by provincial and local building codes.

For both Calgary and Edmonton, the new provisions require above-grade walls to have a minimum effective RSI of 3.08 for houses without a heat-recovery ventilator, and 2.97 for houses with a heat-recovery ventilator. In comparison, for both Winnipeg and Brandon, the Manitoba amendments to Section 9.36 require above-grade walls to have a minimum effective RSI of 2.80 for houses with a heat-recovery ventilator.

There is a solution

SilveRboard® Graphite XS allows builders to meet wall assembly requirements for Section 9.36, with any cladding option and without requiring advanced framing.

This rigid-exterior insulting board is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) base material that is embedded with carbon graphite particles that increase the insulation’s thermal performance. The graphite EPS beads reflect radiant heat energy – similar to the effect of a mirror that reduces thermal conductivity – and increases the material’s ability to resist the flow of heat (or R value).

SilveRboard Graphite XS is a combination of graphite-embedded EPS beads surrounded by air pockets, laminated on both sides with perforated reflective film. About 98 per cent of the EPS in the board is air – this insulation is called engineered air.

Key product benefits include:

  • Proprietary high-strength, reflective, metalized film layer on both faces dramatically improves overall board strength and flexibility.
  • Together with the patented micro-perforated film, when correctly taped and flashed, it provides the necessary second plane of protection without the need for additional sheathing membranes as per National Building Code of Canada (NBC)
  • Reduces onsite damage and waste.

An ideal rigid exterior insulation solution for builders

Available in 12 mm to 150 mm (½ inch to six inches) standard thicknesses, SilveRboard delivers high performance and maximum value to builders during the construction process. Benefits include:

  • Durability during the construction process and various weather conditions.
  • Taping that adheres quickly and permanently to SilveRboard film.
  • Long-term stable R value thanks to built-in air and moisture barriers.
  • Level rigid surface for exterior-finish materials and highly flexible for radius walls.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
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