Lakeland Co-op hosts contractor event

Lakeland Co-op hosts contractor event

On Nov. 1, the Lakeland Co-op Home Centre in Bonnyville, Alta., hosted its first-ever contractor event. Its grand opening in March 2017 marked the first time the community of Bonnyville could count a Co-op Home Centre amongst its line-up of available stores. The Home Centre has been an exciting draw for local contractors and a popular destination for

hardware and building materials of every kind. The event was hosted in the new facility and well attended with 18 vendors and more than 40 contractors. Throughout the evening, contractors had the opportunity to mingle with vendors, enjoy a delicious meal and enter to win various vendor-supplied prizes.

Tracy Christianson, estimator at Lakeland Co-op and the event planner, felt that the evening was a good opportunity to build connections and show appreciation to the contractors in the area. Tracy noted, “It is important for staff to get to know the contractors and for them to know what we do here.”

Since the grand opening, team members at the home centre have made meaningful relationships with more than 80 new Contractor’s Choice members. These connections have been made possible by assisting with project needs and keeping contractors informed about special events and initiatives that take place courtesy of their local Co-op. With the new facility and large product selection, Lakeland Co-op wants to make contractors feel at home from the moment they step into the store.

The event received positive feedback from both the vendors and contractors in attendance. Lakeland Co-op already looks forward to hosting its second contractor event this spring, to kick off the busy construction season. Until then, staff at the Lakeland Co-op Home Centre takes great pride in serving the local community with the new facility.   

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