Metal exteriors build peace of mind

Metal exteriors build peace of mind

While traditionally used for farming, commercial and industrial structures, metal roofing is gaining popularity among homeowners. These new consumers are looking for long-term products with high-performance ratings to provide protection for their homes against increasingly extreme Canadian weather conditions. 

Statistics show that residential metal roofing is quickly gaining market share. Residential roofers themselves have indicated they’re seeing greater demand to provide high-quality, lifetime metal products, with 69 per cent saying their metal roofing sales increased in 2017.

As an industry leader in exterior building products, Vicwest recognizes that contractors are looking to provide their customers with a trusted product – one that comes with the lifetime guarantee and protection of a metal roof. Homeowners are not simply looking for function – they want durability, eco-friendliness and low-maintenance, all while giving their home a sophisticated, high-end appearance.

With a classic profile that is easy to install, Vicwest’s UltraVic is the perfect solution for home and cottage owners seeking an economical, low-maintenance roofing solution that meets their design and performance expectations. With colour-matched trims and accessories, the UltraVic roofing system provides the rounded package of wind resistance, structural integrity and energy efficiency demanded by the market.

The desire for performance and visual appeal has resulted in an increased awareness of texture. Contrasting layers of gloss in the same material is highly effective in creating such a look. This can be achieved, for instance, by using the UltraVic profile in a matte finish for the roof with a standard colour steel for gutters and trims. Vicwest is the only manufacturer offering UltraVic in a 28-gauge, high tensile material as a standard offering in all stock colour options. UltraVic is available in a wide range of standard colours and new matte finishes – with darker tones being another on-trend choice for homeowners. 

For many homeowners, low-maintenance features are no longer a luxury – they are expected. This expectation makes the trend toward low-maintenance products a lasting one. As such, the market for metal products is expanding beyond roofing. In keeping up with this demand, Vicwest has worked to create the innovative new Bellara™ steel siding, which offers the appearance of wood without the same level of upkeep, while being strong, durable and resistant to mould and mildew. Bellara is available in three lifelike woodgrain finishes, three contemporary matte finishes and three traditional standard finishes. As a product that offers all the same benefits of a metal roofing system, Vicwest expects to see a similar surge in the popularity of steel siding as an industry staple.

By going with the more trusted, high-quality building material of metal, both contractors and consumers can be confident that a metal roof and siding system will meet personal and industry expectations in both design and function.

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