Modern doors making big style statements

Modern doors making big style statements

It is always important to know where the industry is moving in terms of style and trends when building custom homes or planning exterior renovations. A home’s entrance is no exception.

A well-designed entry door can give a home character, add curb appeal and increase market value.

Design features have changed. Clean lines and simple styles are taking over the more traditional door models. Flush surfaces, shaker-style doors, flat panels and simple geometric patterns are dominating modern entry-door architecture. Glass panels are following suit with clean geometric shapes and textures. The addition of modern hardware – such as sleek door pulls and Bluetooth or fully integrated smart home deadbolt devices – will accessorize the home and offer refined elegance.

Historically, front door colours were chosen to complement subdued garage or siding colours with the intent to blend the door in with the overall colour scheme of the house. Recent design trends focus more on standalone accents to introduce a “shock of colour” to an otherwise subdued visual exterior presentation. The most prevalent colours for 2018 include various shades of stone grey, rich blue, yellow, tangerine, red, vivid green and other equally robust colours. Canadian door manufacturer Madero has been leading the way to a brighter entrance and is launching a select offering of paint and stain prefinish colours.

Black doors are also back. In years past, painted black doors were considered a warranty hazard, most often voiding manufacturer warranty due to the high prevalence of product failure. However, new trends bring new technology breakthroughs. Prefinished black doors have now been specifically designed to withstand heat and provide luxury design for the entrance. Madero’s new Designer Entry Series Black and White door systems incorporate prefinished black exterior and white interior, allowing customers to stay on trend with their warranty assured.

New product lines respond to evolving trends and consumer demand. Collections of unique steel and fibreglass door systems – featuring fresh new designs with high-performance components and a variety of contemporary glass accents – are available today and continue to grow. Consider these doors as the right solution for remodelling or new home construction. They provide a one-of-a-kind door system to suit any style.

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