Modern trends in kitchen countertops

Modern trends in kitchen countertops

Every year, Houzz – a home reno and design website – releases its annual Kitchen Trends Report. It is a summary of responses from over 2,000 Houzz users in three age ranges – covering their preferences on various product attributes, such as style, function, finish and much more.

It’s not surprising that colour, material and finish preferences change and adjust as we progress through life. Not only do our opinions and perceptions change with time, but other circumstances like income level and family structure influence our preferences as well.

With that in mind, it might be crazy to think these disparate generations would find common ground on anything. As it turns out, there are some aspects of kitchen design that are universally agreed upon. For example, all three age groups prefer stainless steel appliances to any other colour options. 

But wait, there’s more. Not only do all generations agree on appliances, they also all prefer white cabinets, white backsplashes and wood flooring. Additionally, everyone basically agrees that kitchen walls should be beige, gray or white. It’s clear that all three age groups prefer a neutral kitchen design.

Different age groups show some disparity in their design preferences for countertops. For instance, baby boomers prefer multi-coloured countertops, while millennials prefer white. However, overwhelmingly people choose either granite or quartz. Of note, the percentage of people who indicated they prefer granite for their countertops dropped four per cent year over year, suggesting that quartz is positioned to take over as the most popular countertop surface.

And why not? Quartz is a durable, low-maintenance option. It’s waterproof, food-safe, and only requires soap and water to clean. Other natural stone surfaces require regular sealing and polishing. Quartz is harder than granite or marble, meaning it is less likely to scratch, chip or stain.

The criticism of quartz has traditionally been related to the limited design options. But one company is pushing the boundaries. Minnesota-based Cambria has been leading the charge of design innovation and now offers over 140 unique designs of quartz surfaces to match any style preference. In Western Canada, Floform is the exclusive fabricator of choice for Cambria quartz. Recently, Cambria announced that all designs would be made available with a matte finish. Cambria Matte offers a low-sheen alternative to its standard high-gloss finish.

When a product is capable of meeting or exceeding your design preferences as they change with time, while simultaneously requiring little to no maintenance, there is little wonder why it is quickly becoming the countertop of choice for everyone – regardless of age. With that in mind, consider quartz as one of the preferred surface types when discussing countertops with your clients, it will give them a beautiful countertop solution that is built to last.

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