Rock hard facts on granite sinks

Rock hard facts on granite sinks

Kitchen design trends change as often as the seasons, but one constant is stone and stone-composite countertops. The use of materials like granite and quartz has been on the rise for years now, with new brands, colours and patterns being released on a regular basis.

An often overlooked, yet important, component of a kitchen’s countertop solution is the sink. Just as the materials used for the countertops themselves have shifted to stone, so too have sinks. Most retailers will prominently feature granite sinks in advertisements and store displays, and demand for these products by consumers has risen accordingly.

Most of the time, when talking about “granite” sinks, it’s actually a granite composite that typically consists of 80 per cent granite mixed with 20 per cent acrylic resin. This product is often known by the brand name Silgranit®, which is a durable, patented composite by Canadian manufacturer Blanco.

As a contractor, being aware of the various Silgranit sink options is important. As the selection in countertop materials and colours expands, consumers also want more colour options for their sinks and related accessories (such as faucets). These sinks come in a range of attractive, non-fading colours that complement a wide variety of countertops.

More importantly, Silgranit sinks have high strength ratings and are very durable due to their high-quality acrylic bonds. Their surfaces combine the textured beauty of natural stone with a smooth look and feel that are easy to clean. The low maintenance is due in part to the non-porous surface, which has a repellent nature and does not allow stains or acids to penetrate inside the sink’s surface.

It’s also resistant to scratches, heat and impacts. Silgranit can withstand temperatures up to 280°C (536°F), which exceeds common boiling, baking and broiling temperature levels. Furthermore, the product endures extreme temperature fluctuations between hot and cold.

In any kitchen, hygiene is a priority. That’s why it is important to note that Silgranit is hygienic and food friendly. Its repellent surface features a patented Hygienic+Plus protection formula that will not absorb bacteria or odours, while reducing bacteria growth by up to 98 per cent.

Silgranit is available in common, double-bowl sink configurations, as well as trendy, modern varieties, such as Blanco’s Ikon Farmhouse apron sink.

So the next time you are consulting with a client on a kitchen renovation, be sure to consider a Silgranit sink in your product recommendation. Their variety in colour options and reliable quality will be an asset to any kitchen.

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