Shining a spotlight on recessed lighting

Shining a spotlight on recessed lighting

Recessed lighting remains the most versatile way to provide both general and task lighting in residential settings. Incorporating LED lighting into your projects is the obvious choice for a more energy efficient alternative. Conglom – manufacturer of Luminus® lighting products – recommends choosing Energy Star® certified products for the added reassurance of high standards, extended warranties and potential rebates from utility companies.

Each lighting project is unique and requires the consideration of many different factors, but innovations in recessed lighting provide more choice than ever before to give your clients the perfect lighting solutions for their space.

Some questions to consider for each project

What is the lighting application? Is it for general, task or outdoor lighting?

Is it a new build or a renovation project? Are there any insulation contact-rated requirements? Are there any special structural features to work around (tight spacing, sloped roof, wet location, etc.)?

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)

  • Warm White (2700K) – similar in look to traditional incandescent bulbs – is often used in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Bright White (3000K) – similar in look to light given off by halogen bulbs – is often used in kitchens, bathrooms and offices.
  • Daylight (5000K) – on the blue scale – is often used in work areas, basements and garages.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) measures how accurately an artificial light source displays colour. The higher the CRI on scale of one to 100, the more accurate and vibrant colours will appear.

Recessed cans, trims and bulbs

The traditional go-to option of recessed “can/trim/bulb” is ideal for remodelling and new construction projects. This style is typically available in IC and non-IC rated applications and all sizes. Installation is simple and straight forward, and updating to LED bulbs can offer significant savings over the long-term. Best of all, this option is an energy efficient way to illuminate a space. All Luminus recessed-can kits come with LED bulbs with a CRI rating over 90 for vibrant, true-to-nature colours.


Retrofit kits are standardized to fit in existing three-inch, four-inch or five/six-inch recessed cans. The integrated LED chips are a part of the self-contained module and are designed for proper heat dissipation in order to ensure long life. These replace both trim and bulb and are a simple and efficient way to upgrade existing cans to a sleek and uniform look.

Disc lights

These versatile units are designed to be either recessed or surface-mounted. Available to fit in four-inch or five/six-inch cans or on a standard junction box, these LED modules are an instant upgrade for existing lighting – ideal for closets that may have had a single bulb, hallways, work rooms, garages or basements. 

All-in-one slim panels

These sleek, low profile panels offer the ultimate all-in-one solution – they require no housing or junction box, making them the ideal option for projects with ceiling constraints or confined spaces. Luminus LED slim panels are both airtight and IC rated, available in four-inch and six-inch sizes and Warm White and Daylight CCTs, making them suitable for almost any residential lighting application. Simple, quick connections and a clean, modern look help update any space in minimal time for maximum impact.

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