Simple Backyard Projects to Elevate Your Space

Simple Backyard Projects to Elevate Your Space

Backyard projects can turn your outdoor space into a paradise. The following backyard project ideas aren’t just simple to accomplish but a great afternoon activity for you and your family. Using easy to find materials, most of which are available at your local Co-op Home Centre, and a simple process to follow these projects will transform your space in no time.

Vertical Garden

A vertical herb garden can be made from leftover wood from previous projects or a few new two-by-fours. Nail the two-by-fours into a ladder shape, then attach hangers and planters. Plant your individual plants into the pots and lean your vertical garden up against a sturdy surface. If you decide to attach your garden to a surface, consider anchors or other wall mount precautions.

Planter Boxes

Follow our Urban Compost Bin instructions with a few minor changes to build yourself a planter box. You won’t need the lid or the trap door, so build the wall with the trap door the same way you do the other walls. Leave the top open but still build the ‘lid’ which will serve as the bottom of your planter box after you nail or screw it in place. Instead of leaving a ¾-inch space in between each of the horizontal slats, attach the boards flush against each other.

Stone Retaining Wall for Your Fire Pit 

A stone retaining wall can add a sophisticated element to your fire pit. Head to the Hardscaping section of our Home Centre to fill all of your retaining wall needs.

Make sure you brush up on your fire safety and fire pit knowledge before starting this project. After choosing the appropriate place, start with a metal fire ring insert to extend the life of your fire pit. Then, stack your retaining wall blocks in a circle surrounding your fire pit. If you are using mortar, use refractory cement as it can withstand heat. If you’re not using a fire pit kit from Co-op, fill the bottom of the pit with pea gravel to allow drainage.

DIY Lanterns

One of the simplest ways to provide ambiance to your backyard is with lighting and you can create quaint DIY Lanterns with our guide here. Another tip for these adorable lanterns is to string them between trees over your patio or hang them from a gazebo or pergola.

Stone-top Patio Table

A simple patio table is fairly easy to build for beginners.

Measure out four pieces of lumber, cutting them to the same size. Once these pieces form a square, they will create the top support for your table, so cut them to the size you would like your table top. Next, create a square with these pieces by cutting mitred edges and fitting them together. This makes the top support of your table.

The second step is to attach the top support to the legs of the table. Screw the top support pieces one by one onto each of the table legs, make sure you countersink the screw heads into the table legs. Then, using construction glue, attach a large piece of tile to the top of your table.


To top it all off, build a fence around your backyard for some added privacy. We’ve got you covered with these guides for installing rails, setting up posts, and building horizontal fences.

For the rest of your yard needs, check out how to get your deck summer-ready and landscaping tips and tricks.

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