Outdoor Living for Small Spaces

Outdoor Living for Small Spaces

Space can often be an issue for those living in urban environments. But, by using your outdoor space, you’re able to maximize all the square footage available to you. Your outdoor area can be an oasis (or an at-home movie theatre) regardless of whether it’s small or large.

We have a few tips to make the most of your outdoor space.

Privacy Screens

Small room dividers can be used as a privacy screen for those with small patios that look directly into their neighbours space. Choose a slatted version to let the light and wind through or you can set up a trellis and plant some climbing vines.

Privacy screens can double as vertical decor, designing upwards instead of outwards will help you maximize your space.

Stay Simple

Too much of a good thing can overcrowd your small area; go for a minimalist approach when it comes to furniture. Nesting tables and folding chairs you can tuck away until guests come over are a great way to save space. You can also use pieces like storage benches and ottomans or crates that slide underneath your table.

Sometimes, making your space appear bigger is as simple as tricking the eye. Avoid small patterns for outdoor pieces as they make things seem busier. Alternatively, mirrors can make every space they occupy appear larger. You can achieve a boho-chic look by placing one outdoors alongside hanging vintage filament lights.

Stacking Planters

Gardens aren’t only for people with big backyards and plenty of room. By building a garden bed yourself, you can create a custom fit for your small outdoor space. Small corner-unit garden beds usually fit well on smaller patios. Or, you can build vertically, using an old wooden ladder as a shelving unit for your plants or herbs. For an easy herb garden, we recommend spray painting tins and anchoring them onto your ladder with screws. When choosing soil, try a Canadian-based, chemical-free product.

Go Vertical

Trade floor space for wall space. Hang plants from your ceiling, attach shelving units high on the walls, and don’t forget about the space above your head.

Combination Pieces

Much like an ottoman can double as a storage unit, a flower pot can be used as a base for your patio lights. You can follow the umbrella stand DIY method here involving concrete and PVC piping, substituting your patio umbrella with a post for your lamp.


Lighting can create an ambiance for smaller spaces. You can hang string lights or these DIY lanterns from the rafters of your patio or any backyard trees you might have. Again, using a wooden ladder as a shelf for your lighting source will save space by decorating vertically.

Projector for Outdoor Movie Nights

If you have at least a few feet in your backyard, you can host your own outdoor movie night. You need a projector, a power source, and a white sheet. Tack the sheet against the wall, set up your projector and seating. Grab some popcorn and hit play!

Insider Tip: Pay attention to the throw ratio when choosing a projector. If the throw ratio is 1, that means your projector will need to be one foot from your screen to project a one-foot image, and so on.


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